HEAD: With ball and shuttle. LR 3 ds, 7 p sep by 3 ds, 3 ds, ClsR. RW *Ch 2 ds, p, 2 ds, j to p on LR* repeat from * around j to base of LR.

BODY: Ch 5 ds, 3 p sep by 5 ds, 15 ds, p, 5 ds, 2 p sep by 5 ds, 5 ds, j to base of LR. Cut and tie threads.

Wing - Tie two shuttles to the first p on the body. Wind Shuttle 1 around your pinkie as you would the ball thread, ch 3 ds, now drop shuttle 2 and use shuttle 1 to make a SR 2 ds, 3 p sep by 2 ds, 2 ds, cls R. Wind shuttle 1 around pinkie and ch 3 ds, drop shuttle 2 and make the next SR with shuttle 1, j the first p of this ring to the last p of the last SR. *Make 3 ds as described, with shuttle 1 make SR j to last SR as described. YOu should now have 3 SR,*

FOR THE WING POINT - do not change shuttles - make this SR as the others but use SHUTTLE 2. Repeat from * to * ch 3 ds, j to next p on body. Ch 5 ds, j to next p.

SKIRT: *Wind shuttle 1 on pinkie, ch 3 ds, SR same as wing SR.* Repeat from * to * joining small rings as with win for a total of 6 SR, ch 3 ds, j to next p on body ch 5 ds, j to next p on body. Do second wing same as first wing. j to last p on body. Tie and cut threads.

SKIRT: Tie 2 shuttles to first p of first SR on skirt. *Wind Shuttle 1 on pinkie and ch 15 ds, drop shuttle 1 and make LR with shuttle 2 - 5 ds, 5 p sep by 1 ds, 5 ds, Cls R. Wind shuttle 1 on pinkie and ch 15 ds, j between next 2 SR. * Repeat from * to * finish by j last long ch to outside p of last SR. Tie and cut threads.

HEM: join two shuttles or 1 shuttle and ball to center p of first LR. Ch 3 ds, 5 p sep by 1 ds, 3 ds, j to center p of next LR. Repeat for all LR. Tie and cut thread.

Original paintings
in Watercolor, Acrylic & Pencil

Working with two shuttles takes time and practice. If you are having a hard time doing it there are lots of different patterns out there for beginners. If you get frustrated then perhaps you can try something like sky diving or
improv classes?