The Museum

20 X 24" wrapped canvas
3/4" thick sides painted black
Please read the legend below the painting

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This legend is printed in pencil on the back of the painting. A printed copy will also be furnished with the painting:

The Museum

I have been on this earth a long time and I have heard many outrageous stories. This is a story I experienced...saw with my own eyes! Or was it a dream?

On an icy cold day in February, 1993 it was reported by museum guards that an "apparition" began to appear in the huge main hall. Throughout the day, the museum was abuzz with news reporters, cameras, police, and museum officers who prompty closed the doors to the public. As the apparition became more and more clear, people witnessing the event and the millions around the world watching on TV could not believe their eyes. Slowly, this scene appeared as a huge old sailing ship atop a green transparent wave. Looking closely one could see it very gently rocking back and forth atop this wave. By the second evening it was apparent that the apparition was our oldest commissioned navy vessel - the USS Constitution! Newsmen were in a frenzy - TV screens showed a split screen of the apparition and the real vessel still floating about Boston Harbor.

Now, to make a strange story even stranger...on the third day, February 26, 1993, the apparition was in full and solid view - only the wave on which it sat was still transparent. Amazingly, shadowy people appeared around the ship - thousands - I would estimate almost 3,000 crowded into that huge room. Inky dark, figures, viewing the ship, talking to each other...many seemingly in casual pose chatting with friends! Cameras whirred and newsmen moved excitedly about reporting what they were seeing. At exactly 8:45 A.M. a volley of canon roared to life...smoke filled the lobby but was not stifling....canons recoiled and balls flew from them only to disappear within a few yards of the ship! The sound was deafening and onlookers covered their ears. It was, indeed, an amazing sight and one never to be forgotten. Within hours of that event, the apparition began to fade, the dark figures along with it and by evening all was gone. The silence made a deep, black void that was almost overpowering..

I am sure there will be discussions, debates and arguments for years. Some will say it was a warning we failed to heed, and, of course, some will say it didn't happen at all...

February 26, 1993 was the day a bomb exploded in the World Trade Center and 8:45 am was the time the first plane hit on September 11, 2001.


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