Free Tatting Instructions

Tatting is something that people of all ages can do and it can be especially fun for kids as many children enjoy crafts and showing off their hard work to others. You may have to read the instructions a few times and practice to get the hang of it, but if your young one gets a little frustrated, just tell them it's like their favorite space game! Online space games can be challenging and even a little overwhelming at first, but after trying it out for a bit you can become a space game master! Tatting is just like that. At first, you may be frustrated and have trouble getting the knots and loops right but if you stick with it, your fingers will be flying along in no time!

Unwind shuttle so the thread is about 12 inches long. Hold the thread between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand and pass it around the outstretched fingers, crossing it under the thumb.
With the shuttle in your hand, pass the shuttle thread under and over the hand just below the point of fingers. Pass the shuttle between first and second fingers of the left hand, undershuttle and ring thread and bring it back over ring thread allowing the ring thread to fall slack by bringing the four fingers of the left hand together.
Pull shuttle thread taut and then spread the fingers of the left hand till loop is close to fingers and thumb of left hand and pull tight.
The second half of the stitch is made in the opposite direction. Allow the shuttle thread to fall slack, pass shuttle over ring thread and back under ring thread and over shuttle thread.
Pull shuttle thread taut and tighten ring thread until second half of stitch slips into place beside the first half. By pulling the shuttle thread, the stitch slips back and forth. If it does not, the stitch has been locked by a wrong motion and must be made over again. Practice the doublestitch until it can be done without locking up.