Never a dull moment when you're just a kid at heart

Patricia Ann Rizzo
Born 1940

Florals, landscapes, other topics of interest
Style: Realist
Watercolors, Acrylics, Pastel, Pencil, graphite


I'm a self-taught artist, and after a lifetime of doing work that helped support my family, now - in my retirement, I can finally devote time to what I have always wanted to do...paint.

I was born in a tiny town in Pennsylvania, over 60 years ago. My dad was a coal miner and my mom worked in a silk mill. Simple hard-working people from a simple environment - yet my life was rich in color in the beauty of nature and in the world in general. I am convinced some folks are born with an "artist's eye" - I have it, and it allows me to spend hours examining the bark of a tree, the structure and color of a flower, the line on a person's face - things others only glance at as they walk by. I truly believe this is a god-given talent and drives both the artist and the collector.

I am a self-taught artist and I paint whatever interests me at the time - hopefully, this freedom reflects itself in my finished paintings. Manyof my paintings at present are florals - "Roses in my Waterglass" is my favorite and sold to a collector who owns over 20 of my paintings. Others, "A Shady Spot in the Garden" and "Freesia!" are also among my favorites - feminine florals - but I am also known for graphite on bristol board of racing thoroughbreds. When a friend showed me a picture of her husband as he proudly sat on his newly restored Harley - it brought about the painting "The Biker".

Some of my paintings belong in rooms filled with lacy doilies, rocking chairs and chiming clocks - while others belong in masculine dens and offices. I love the freedom of my painting and hope it shows! I am always amazed when folks show an interest in my work and always humble when they purchase my paintings.

Listed in Ask Art
Listed in The Artists Bluebook: 34,000 North American Artists to March 2005, Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (Ed)