I cannot possibly explain to you the work that goes into these nesting doll sets. I get the rough blank wooden dolls and sand them, make them fit comfortable and sand out most of the blemishes. Then they are painted with an undercoat of white. Each doll is hand drawn and hand painted and I do them as the ideas come to me. I use artist's acrylic paints and Minwax varnish. After painting, the dolls are varnished with many coats of clear varnish until I am satisfied with the feel of them. Then they are buffed and waxed until the surface is as smooth as can be made by hand. The price is a small one for the amount of work and the fact that these are truly one of a kind.



Brand new set of five dolls.
Price: $75.00 plus shipping

The first doll is 4 3/4 inches tall. This doll shows Count Dracula
in all his finery. He is accompanied by a couple of beautiful vampire women.
Since its Halloween Eve the wolves are out howling at the moon and
you can see the ghosts rising from the tombstones in the cemetary:

The second doll is approximately 3 inches tall. The moon is
full and the Grim Reaper walks the cemetery with his scythe.
He is surrounded by his escort of bats and the dead zombies rise
and are looking for food. There is a house on top of the hill,
perhaps they'll be headed that way.

The third doll is approximately 2 1/8 inches tall and has the mummy dragging
his leg through the cemetery accompanied by a large black raven.
They are out and looking to cause mischief on this Halloween Eve.

The fourth doll is approximately 1 1/2 inches tall and are the witch's Halloween cats.
Three of them surround this small doll.

The fifth doll is approximately inch tall. It is a pumpkin with fangs...I never knew
there were vampire pumpkins but anything is possible on Halloween:


Brand New Nesting Doll Six Piece Set

Price: $100.00 plus shipping


These dolls were hand painted by me. They've been sanded so that all the parts fit together effortlessly, hand painted with the finest artist acrylics, varnished several times then finely sanded to a beautiful sheen.

This first nesting doll is approximately 6 inches tall: While walking down a country path one Sunday you spot the smallest impression of a path off to the side leading into the woods. Curious, you begin to follow that path....unaware that you are heading into the Secret Garden - a place very few people know exists. You reach a small clearing where things are just not the see huge trees with large daisy-like flowers overhead There is a serene lake behind them...full of lily pads with two majestic white swans gliding by. You sit there for awhile, staring at the lake and hearing the bees buzzing and birds chirping. All your cares just slip away and you enjoy the scene as you would as a child...just happy to be there.

This second nesting doll is approximately 4 1/2 inches tall: Next you come across a beautiful white unicorn...his horn and hooves glittering with gold glitter. He is gentle and you enjoy petting him and looking into his deep, soft eyes. He plays under a tree with a brown trunk that slightly sparkles..this tree also has pinkish daisy-like flowers. You walk to the other side and see two guardians of the Secret Garden...they are black cats perched high in the trees. A wise owl also sits there.

This third nesting doll is approximately 3 1/2 inches tall: You enter a large clearing where the sun is shining brightly and is warm and comforting on your face. You see a gorgeous peacock coming your way...his feathers fully opened and sparkling with touches of gold.

This fourth nesting doll is approximately 2 1/2 inches tall: There is yet another tree with daisy-like flowers and under that tree are cats of every color relaxing in the shade. You pet them then move on.

This fifth nesting doll is approximately 1 1/8 inches tall: The sun shines on this piece and it is surrounded with yellow butterflies and one blue butterfly...You walk on and somehow you find you are back on your original path...there is no trace of the Secret Garden or its path...except for one thing you feel fantastic and wonder where you got the sunflowers you are carrying...this is the sixth doll and measures 1 inch tall.



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