A Simple Snowflake Tutorial

Abbreviations are not used in this tutorial but here are the common ones: ds = doublestitch. p = picoe. Cls R = Close ring.

Please see and print off the basic instructions from the link on the front page of this site. Become familiar with them before you begin this tutorial.

Click for basic tatting instructions.

This tutorial will make a simple snowflake - in fact after you make one you may make a dozen more. It is that easy! Make them in colors or in fancy sparkly threads. Bead them or don't - its a simple pattern that you will find fast and easy to do.

In any event, the purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to hold and turn your work and how to make joinings.

TIP: if you are brand new at tatting and just learned the basics you may want to use a larger size thread because they are easier to handle. You can use a size 10 or 20 cotton thread for a larger snowflake.

The tools I use for tatting.

ball of tatting cotton (this is size 30)
tatting shuttle
crochet hook - small size.

You may or may not use a crochet hook - I prefer it and find it a faster way to make joinings.

Start with just the shuttle. Tat a ring as follows. 5 doublestitches, 5 picos separated by 2 doublestitches, 5 doublestitches, Close the ring.

Now...while holding this ring between your index finger and thumb, tat another ring right beside it as follows: 5 doublestitches, join this ring to the last pico on the last ring - then tat 2 doublestitches, 4 picos separated by 2 doublestitches, 5 doublestitches - Close the ring. The part where you joined this ring to the last ring took the space of one of the picos which is why you only had to tat 4 more picos instead of 5. Your work should look like this:

Continue on making these rings and joining them as explained above.

The 6th ring is a bit different, you will tat 5 doublestitches and join to the last pico on the last ring as before BUT now you will only tat 3 picos separated by 2 doublestitches then tat 2 doublestitches and join this ring to the first pico on the first ring - tat 5 more doublestitches and close the ring. Then tie the threads together and cut. You should now have 6 rings in a ring and this is the center of your snowflake.

Now we'll do the outside spokes of the snowflake. This is done with the shuttle and ball tied together.

Join the shuttle/ball thread between any two rings of the center medallion. Now chain 15 doublestitches. Make sure this chain is nicely taut and not loose because the next step will lock that chain in place and you will not be able to adjust it again.

Hold the top of this chain tightly while you make the ring for the tip. Make the ring as follows: 6 doublestitches, 3 picos separated by 1 doublestitch, 6 doublestitches, Close the ring.

Hold this ring between thumb and index finger tightly while you chain the other half of the spoke.

Chain 1 doublestitch to lock that ring in place then chain 15 more doublestitches and join between the next two rings on the medallion. Continue around for 5 more spokes - join in between the last two rings and tie and cut threads. That's it!!!

Your snowflake should look like this:

For a hanger you can use thin ribbon or crochet a chain or just use cotton thread.

Once you've finished tatting a few of these snowflakes, they will make a wonderful decorative touch to your fireplace mantel or wherever you wish to hang them.

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