A Simple Snowflake Tutorial

Abbreviations are not used in this tutorial but here are the common ones: ds = doublestitch. p = picoe. Cls R = Close ring.

Please see and print off the basic instructions from the link on the front page of this site. Become familiar with them before you begin this tutorial.

Click for basic tatting instructions.

This tutorial will make a simple snowflake - in fact after you make one you may make a dozen more. It is that easy! Make them in colors or in fancy sparkly threads. Bead them or don't - its a simple pattern that you will find fast and easy to do.

The tools I use for tatting.

ball of tatting cotton (this is size 30)
tatting shuttle
crochet hook - small size.

You may or may not use a crochet hook - I prefer it and find it a faster way to make joinings.

Center Medallion: Start with the shuttle and ball: R 3 ds, p, 10 ds, p, 10 ds, p, 3 ds CLR. Turn Ch 2. *Turn, R 3 ds, j to last p of last R, 10 ds, p, 10 ds, p, 3 ds, CLR. Turn Ch 2. Repeat * to * for 6 Rings. Join last ch 2 to base of the first ring. Tie and cut threads.

With Shuttle and ball join between any two rings on medallion. *Ch5 ds, 5 p sep by 1 ds, 5 ds j between next two rings on medallion.* Repeat * To *...do not cut thread!

*Ch 20 (at this point make sure your chain is the right tension because you will lock it in with the next step. R. 2 ds, 7 p, sep by 2 ds, 2 ds CLR. Ch 20 join between next two rings on medallion.* Repeat * to * Tie and cut threads after last joining. Thats ALL there is to it!

Easy? :-)

TIP: If you want to stiffen it good so you can hang it on your tree or in a window use Elmer's Glue -
a squirt of it in an couple of ounces of warm water. Stretch the snowflake
on your kitchen counter on a piece of wax paper and dab the water/glue mixture on it until its soaked.
Let dry. Elmer's glue will easily wash out, if necessary.

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